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Volkswagen briefly world’s biggest company

2007 NY Auto Show Carroll Shelby Unveils the GT500

FRANKFURT - Volkswagen briefly became the world’s biggest company by market value Tuesday, as short sellers continued to pile into the stock on weekend news Porsche had bought up much of VW’s remaining free float.

Shares in the German car maker hit an intraday high of 1,005.01 euros, valuing the company at 296.06 billion euros ($370.4 billion) based on ordinary stock, more than that of world number one company Exxon Mobil Corp’s $343 billion market value at Monday’s closing price.

The shares later eased back to stand 25.4 percent higher at 652.00 euros at 1103 GMT, after tripling in the previous session.
Porsche said Sunday it held over 74 percent of VW, prompting a panic among short sellers who had sold VW shares in the hope of buying them back at lower prices.

German regulator Bafin saud it was looking at the VW share movement to see if any insider trading or market manipulation had taken place.

“Each and any short seller in the world is trying to close up their position and there is no way they can do it except for trying to buy like mad,” said FrankfurtFinanz analyst Heino Ruland.

“Someone is selling it at a rather interesting and rich price — it is about 10 times as much as it should trade.”

Analysts and traders said the stampede was historic for German large caps.

“We were joking before about the share price hitting 1,000 euros, and all of a sudden, it was there,” said one Frankfurt-based trader. “This is perverse.”

VW shares could continue to rise, or stay at current historic levels, experts said.

“The problem is, from a fundamental point of view, shares are really overvalued. But when the short squeeze comes to an end, there are not enough shares available to bring the share price back down,” said one Frankfurt-based analyst.

Despite the massive rise in VW shares and talk of little free float remaining, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange said it did not plan any changes in the German blue-chip DAX index.

It has said in the past that if the free float in Volkswagen’s ordinary shares were to fall below 5 percent, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s index revision committee would automatically replace them in the DAX index with the top-ranked stock measured by free-float market capitalization and trading volume.

Germany’s financial regulator said it was looking at the VW share movement for possible insider trading or market manipulation, but had not yet launched an official examination.

Porsche raises stake
Porsche said Sunday it held stock and options equivalent to 74 percent of Europe’s biggest carmaker and aimed to push through a domination agreement next year that would give it management control and capture VW’s mighty cash flows.

This will almost certainly meet objections from VW’s home state of Lower Saxony, which controls just over 20 percent.. In return for losing their dividend, minority investors would get an annual cash payout set by Porsche.

Analysts questioned Porsche’s motives in announcing its holding, and suggested the company may have wanted to cash in one last big jackpot at the expense of unsuspecting investors.

Tim Schuldt, an analyst at Equinet, said Porsche’s announcement seemed like an invitation for hedge funds to pile into the stock and cover their shorts. He said the problem was that there was only a free float of around 5.8 percent, and many of these free floating shares were actually held in index-tracking funds and other portfolios.

“For Porsche we don’t know their real intentions ... it could be that if they managed to cash in at these levels obviously that would be extremely positive for their share price, for the value of their company,” said Schuldt.

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Water Car Technology


Water Car Technology
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23rd October 2008
Author: ron7650

Every Water Car inventor, once he achieves any notoriety gets hounded. When you arm yourself with this information you will be amazed at how easy it can be to make this work for you. The technology can be made workable by just about anyone, who has access to the right information and the right devices needed. If you know anyone that has also doubted the workability of the right information, tell them that not only is it now workable but anyone can make it work from the comfort of their home. I wish I could see his face right now while demonstrating this to him. When you take a close look at pure driven technology, one will most likely spend even more than running their gasoline for powering vehicles. One will most likely spend even more than running their gas for powering vehicles.

How exactly this automobile works? It can be assembled and installed properly by just about anyone, who has access to the correct information and the right odds and ends from the corner hardware store that are required. If you know anyone that has also doubted the workability, let them know not only does the know how exist but anyone can make it work from their own garage. I wish I could see his arrogant face right now while demonstrating from Water for Gas to him. The new economy created by a prevalence liquid cars would be a major economic revival! They consider that America would become bankrupt if liquid cars were to become common place. You will begin to understand why liquid have been a closely guarded secret until today. Bottled liquid carries a declaration that it is 100% pure and free from bacteria and other harmful substances, and is accepted by us as safe to drink.

However, we can control the amount of water carrying by consider to carrying not too much. This liquid is a ruby, fishy blend and is considered to be one of the best carp attractors when splashed over any sort of pellets to add real pulling power. Water carries oxygen and nutrients into all your cells. Assemblies, diffusers of air, and fluorescent light grills of air of return of the same dimension, and the incandescent lights, various electric devices, and the heads carts are then installed on the grid, like desired. If you are worried that it will cost you a fortune to set up hydrogen powered cars, think again. Note that this is not to suggest you should build a no gas powered vehicle from the ground up. Put differently a Hydrogen On Demand system in order to operate your gas and powered cars on hydrogen only when it is required!. Therefore, the process advocated for a hydrogen powered vehicle that will save you fuel costs is to create a personal low cost powered vehicle add on, which will save you a great deal of money than if using only gas.

When examining water powered automobile technology, the possibility exists you can end up spending even more than just buying a cleaner burning vehicle. Understand that this is not to suggest to construct a vehicle from the ground up. Can we really drive hydrogen powered autos today? Fact or fiction Is the hybrid powered automobile a reality? Note that this is not to indicate to construct a hydrogen powered automobile from the ground up. So, the technique advocated for a automobile which will save you cost of fuel is to make a affordable no gas powered car device, thereby saving you huge costs you would have spent using only gas. When examining no gas powered car engineering, the potential exists you can end up spending even more than just buying a cleaner burning car such as a hybrid. Summary, this viewpoint looks at the claims of running a no gas powered car, and tells you if the possibility exists to have hybrid powered autos or not.? Understand that this is not to suggest to construct a no gas powered car from the ground up.

While nothing has been invented yet, you can take comfort in knowing that scientists and technicians are working like crazy to make liquid powered autos a possibility. Hopefully one of these days, scientists will have a breakthrough and will figure out how to create hybrid powered autos. If we were experts in thermodynamics, physics, chemistry and vehicle engines, here is how our hybrid powered autos would work. The gasoline tank would be replaced with a water tank. On the contrary, with the ever increasing cost of gasoline, the demand for no gas powered autos has reached an almost fevered pitch. The possibility of hybrid powered cars being invented has been talked up practically since the invention of the automobile itself. These cars are something that the public has been hoping to see on the road for a few decades now.
Ronald W. Firquain is a auto mechanic, musician, Arabian horse owner for 20 years, writer, marketer, entrepreneur, webmaster and has 18 years of computer experience. car tips

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Top 10 Tips You Must Know When Buying a Car

Exotic At Night

By Alex Fir

1. You should purchase your new car at or around Christmas time because with everybody buying their Christmas presents, not many of them are looking to buy a new car, and it forces dealerships to up their sales strategies. Salesmen are more willing to haggle down to your prices to close the deal.

2. You can also get a good deal from July to October because that is the time of year when dealerships are trying to get rid of their inventory to make way for the new models.

3. Purchasing a car online is becoming a great way to get a new car. Just wait for good rebates and incentives online and shop around. Print out your information from the best quotes and bring it to the dealer that you are most willing to work with. Bringing in lower quotes from another company might be your best bet in getting a good deal.

4. You should visit if you are hoping to find new car prices, dealer incentives, and the best rebate offers. This site is the first place that you should go for great advice on buying a car. It’s even more informative than the Kelley Blue book. This program for buying new cars can literally save you thousands of dollars.

5. A good place to start when going into a dealership is to bring a copy of your credit score with you. It can lower your interest rates on your car loan. Your car dealer should not know more about you than you do.

6. You can avoid a common scam that dealerships pull. You will often hear that your financing fell through and that you have to respond by paying more money on your loan. Don’t believe it. It’s another reason for you to get a copy of your credit score.

7. Another common scam by dealership salesmen is for them to tell you that they have found you a lower rate, but that they want you to re-sign your loan papers. Usually, that is a downright lie. Once they pull up your financing information, they have the upper hand if you don’t know the details about your credit information. You can get a copy of your credit information online at for about $10-$15. It’s better to pay $15 now than thousands later.

8. Don’t bring in a car for trade in if you still owe money on it. The dealership rarely pays the rest of the loan on time which will result in you having to pay a great deal of late fees to the bank. If you do decide to bring a car in that you owe money on, get it in writing from the dealership that they will pay the balance on the car within 10 days.

9. Sometimes a dealership may not have all of your options and must order the car directly from the dealership. If this happens they will often ask you to pay $500-$1000 for a deposit on the car. Try not to pay more than $500 and be sure to pay with a credit card because sometimes the dealership will tell you that there was a price increase on the vehicle and will want more money. If you pay with a credit card you have room to dispute the amount being taken from you. If you pay by check, you can just consider the money gone.

10. You should never buy a car when you are in desperate need for one because a dealer will see that and take advantage. You should never wait until an old car is dead before searching for a new one because you should give yourself time to shop around for one and get the best deal possible. Desperation often clouds your judgment.

2009 Top 10 Cars

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Maintenance After the Mud Battle

Cleaning your vehicle is not just for aesthetics. Mud, especially fine particle mud like clay, tends to stick to everything above and below. Mud can build up under the wheel wells, on the frame, it can pack around the radiator, into the brake drums, on all the underside components, on the body in places where you never saw before. It's important to remove as much of the mud as possible before it turns into a permanent part of your vehicle and ultimately cause damage to your vehicle. Mud on the rims can act as a counter balance causing your vehicle to handle worse and causing vibration at the steering wheel and can lead to uneven tire wear. Mud also retains moisture. Moisture causes rust. Much your the underside of a vehicle is either unprotected from factory or loses it's protection of time and mud accelerates the rusting process. Mud is also very hard on paint, causing it to deteriorate due to moisture and can cause scratching and wear over time. So it is best remove as much of the mud as possible after each encounter with the sticky stuff. A good hose down to start with is good to get the large chunks off. For the underside, it can be helpful to let a yard sprinkler run under the vehicle for a little time to help soften and wash off under carriage mud. Pressure washing works great too for surface and underside washing. For a more through check examine items like differentials and gearbox oil for contamination and change if necessary. Also examine your differential and gearbox breathers to ensure they are functional and clear of mud and debris. Check your air filter box for mud and water that you might have inhaled and remove and clean the filter if necessary. Check your radiator and hose out any mud blocking the cooling fins of the radiator. Also check transmission coolers as well. Check all drain holes on the chassis and in the doors to be sure they are not blocked. Remove any caked on mud from brake drums, steering linkage, shifting linkage and anything else that can interfere with the mechanical operation of the vehicle. While your at it, clean your recovery straps. When you give your vehicle a good look for mud after a muddy day on the trails, you'd be surprised as to where you find mud. If there is a crack or crevice, you can be sure mud will find it's way in.

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New Mud Tire Earns Rave Review The NEWEST Mud Monster's Birth

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Mark Harms, designer and manufacturer of the famous line of Mud Machine Bi-Claw and Tri-Claw tires, went to Louisiana to see what conditions his tires were used in. While there he found many loved his tires. But, rumor was his tire was being upstaged by TSL's Vampire. Many local swamp riders considered it the largest and most aggressive tire in the swamp.

Mark did not like another tire gathering those honors. Setting down at the drawing board he designed what would be the biggest and badest mud tire anywhere. The result is the 27" Tri-Claw Magnum.
The Test...

Dirt Wheels Magazine enlisted their Louisiana correspondent Mike Hutson and crew of swamp riders to try the tires in the bayous and mud holes of Louisiana

Mike reported... "I mounted up a set of the new 27" Tri-Claws to the front and rear of my Yamaha 350 Big Bear 4x4. I mounted the 27x12-12 tires on aluminum rims that weighted 7.9 lb. each."

While Sand Tires Unlimited (STU) says that you need a 450cc or larger quad to handle these huge meats, I found that my High Lifter-equipped Big Bear was up to the task, even with these monster tires. But you will probably need one of their lift kits to give you some added fender clearance," said Mike.

"Even with the massive rear tires mounted on the front of my Bear the steering wasn't all that difficult. I've used 27" Vampires and older 26" Mud Machines on my quad and the new Tri-Claws don't have as heavy a steering effect as those tires. They actually run smoother on the hard pack sections than the older 26" BI-Claw and 27" Vampires. I felt that there is definitely less vibration transferred to the rider with these new tires."

"We air our tires up to 10 lbs. ... even with the high tire pressure the ride isn't overly rough. The Tri-Claw Magnums work great in the swamp... ...traction you get with these new 27" tires is unbelievable!"

See the magazine for more comments... such as... tires work well in reverse... puncture resistance is very good... best self-cleaning... direct mud away from rider...


Mud Driving Techniques Mud Tires

JeepOne of the first things to do when encountering mud is to check it out first on foot. Not necessarily by walking though it but get close and try to find the bottom with a long stick or object. If vehicles have been driving through this mud hole before, check the tire ruts below. The key is to find solid bottom and determine if you have something to get traction on. Extremely soft mud or well abused mud may cause you to lose traction very quickly and become high centered on where tires have not been before, while the ruts go deep and sediment has created soft mud with little traction. You also want to look for objects like rocks, logs, sharp objects and anything that might damage or upset the vehicle or the tires.